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SoulSpeak: Living In Color with Christy Summers – Episode 5

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Written by Sam Philyaw

December 30, 2021



This v/blog is about sharing stories, listening to people tell their journey whether it be about their careers or hobbies. Inspiring others to follow their dreams and strive to do something that makes them happy, speaks to their soul or lights a fire in their belly. My guests share advice from their own perspectives over various topics, they share their hopes and dreams and what they want out of life and out of their endeavors. The great thing about being human is that everyone has their own experiences that form their own opinions, and sometimes we need to hear an opinion that differs from our own. This is not a place to condemn someone for how they do or think about things if it’s different from how you’d do it, but to just listen and take it for what it is – a sharing of their experience.

A fabulous hello and welcome to Christy Summers, the Daytime Hero!

This is a super special episode for you guys. I couldn’t have timed the publishing of this vlog piece any better if I tried. New Years is right around the corner and it’s the time when people are making a lot of changes, a lot of new ventures both personally and career-wise, and Christy has a lot to say on the subject of taking next steps, fighting the fear of failure and learning how to make changes for the better.

Christy has a lot of experience with running a business – it’s the journey of learning how to be vulnerable, creative and authentic with herself that’s she’s been honing for the past few years. She’s combined the two and is now an unstoppable force. Watch out.

She’s become a great friend to me and I’m supremely happy to see her bloom in the voiceover industry, and even beyond that. We talk about her journey in VO so far, how she’s got the business thing handled and we also talk about her adjacent business (which launches in Feb 2022) called The Daytime Hero! As someone who’s spent a good portion of her life in the corporate world and has successfully learned how to adjust herself into the creative industry of voice acting, she knows how tough it can be to use both parts of your brain to balance the business aspects and the creative performances. She helps and coaches other creatives, regardless of the medium, on business basics, how to run their business their way, and the discipline and commitment it takes to be successful.

“Everything you want…is on the other side of fear.”

We also discuss cool stuff she does like aerial arts, the circus, pole sports, and cupcake baking. To summarize, she is strong and she could probably take you. I’m still waiting on those cupcakes, Christy, by the way. I expected some in the mail for x-mas and to my extreme disappointment…my mailbox was empty.


Christy does voiceover for many things – like commercials, corporate narration, explainers, toys, animation, promo, etc. You name it. She has demos and samples of her work that you can listen to on her website, which you can find at To learn more about her course The Daytime Hero, go to this website: and you can also find the waitlist on that site if you’re interested in working with her once it’s launched.

Show some love and follow her socials! Her LinkedIn is Christy (Herman) Summers, Twitter is @christysummers_, and IG is @christysummers_. She’s also available for collaboration on voiceover projects, so if you want to work with her, send her an email at or fill out the contact form on her website!

If you wanna check out my website, you can find it here: There, you’ll find all of my demos, blog posts and some video projects that I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to work on. If you’d like to contact me about future collaboration on your project, email me at

If you have questions or comments regarding the video podcast, or great guest suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment under this post!

Stay tuned for the next awesome episode, see you then!


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