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SoulSpeak: Living In Color – Episode 15 – Robert Harrower

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Written by Sam Philyaw

May 12, 2023






This v/blog is about sharing stories, listening to people tell their journey whether it be about their careers or hobbies. Inspiring others to follow their dreams and strive to do something that makes them happy, speaks to their soul or lights a fire in their belly. My guests share advice from their own perspectives over various topics, they share their hopes and dreams and what they want out of life and out of their endeavors. The great thing about being human is that everyone has their own experiences that form their own opinions, and sometimes we need to hear an opinion that differs from our own. This is not a place to condemn someone for how they do or think about things if it’s different from how you’d do it, but to just listen and take it for what it is – a sharing of their experience.

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Audible Gentleman!

Cool name, huh? Rob is, in fact, a gentleman, which is probably how he came up with it. Idk, just guessing over here. Typical Canadian, amiright? Just kidding…sort of…

Rob and I met via TikTok, after I found the voiceover community there. I watched the collabs they all did and loved them, so I contacted him and we did one. Been friends ever since – and now working together on original projects. What a wild ride.

Rob’s been doing cool stuff of his own, too. Like writing and producing a fan series of Star Trek called Endless Vigilance – which I’m now a part of. He talks about his process as the writer, director, producer and all things in between of this audio drama. We also talk about starting in the voice acting industry, juggling a day job and having time for family and hobbies. It’s difficult and exhausting but if you keep at it, you’ll reach your goal – whatever that may be!

Audio dramas are the new tv shows – they seem to be super popular. Especially with how busy most people are nowadays, it’s easier to listen to a show or story than it is to sit in front of the tv to watch it because you can multitask and get other things done. I think it’s awesome – although I still prefer a visually stunning show or movie, but to each their own. You can do so much with audio dramas that it can feel just like a movie!

If you’re interested in producing or writing audio dramas, be sure to watch or listen to our chat! Lots of good nuggets of information and an opportunity to get to know Rob – he’s such a wonderful guy!

As always, show some love and go follow his socials! Rob can be found via where you can navigate to his audio drama, his portfolio and demos. His social media (TikTok and IG found on the carrd) is missing your beautiful face. We always appreciate that!

And as always, if you wanna check out my website, you can find it here: There, you’ll find all of my demos, blog posts and some video projects that I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to work on. If you’d like to contact me about future collaboration on your project, email me at

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